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New Zealand Glassworks provides a contemporary gallery space at an international level, featuring some of New Zealand’s most respected and collected artists in this field. Explore each artist’s profile page to discover more.

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Wendy Fairclough - Murray River Cameo
Wendy Fairclough - Threads
Wendy Fairclough
Vicki Fanning
Vicki Fanning - Blankets
Vicki Fanning
Sue Hawker - Nymphaea Citrine
Sue Hawker - Nymphaea Cobalt Blue
Sue Hawker
Te Rongo Kirkwood - Glass Patu closeup
Te Rongo Kirkwood - Glass Patu
Te Rongo Kirkwood
Jan Kocian - Moon Rock Vase
Jan Kocian
Jan Kocian
Emily Lake - Kowhai Close
Emily Lake - Jellyfish Pendant
Emily Lake
Richard Landers - Mountain Peak
Richard Landers - Arch
Richard Landers
David Murray
David Murray
Isla Osbourne - Sure Shot Pendant
Isla Osbourne - SS Kinna Pendant
Isla Osborne
Philip Stokes - Chomp
Philip Stokes - All Wheels Crash
Philip Stokes
Layla Walter - Anns Dahlia
Layla Walter - Anns Dahlia
Layla Walter
Kathryn Wightman
Kathryn Wightman
Kathryn Wightman