Jan Kocian

"Glass is my powerful enchantress. It captures many mysteries through it's timeless techniques."

Jan Kocian was hooked from the moment he first saw a glowing glass vessel emerge from a blazing kiln. He has since been captivated by the form and movement of glass. After completing five years of formal study in traditional glass blowing in his native Czech Republic, he further developed his skills in various European studios. Kocian uses a variety of techniques and tools to enhance the optical interaction between glass and light. He will often hand make tools which he then uses to sculpt the molten glass. Some of his works are accentuated by grinding and cutting once the glass has cooled and he will create texture by adding glass to the surface of some bowls and platters. Master Czech glassblower Petr Novotny has been a significant influence in Kocian's career. The advice and knowledge that Novotny imparted has inspired and guided him throughout his practice. Kocian is based in the coromandel, New Zealand.