Steps to Induction

New Zealand Glassworks - Te Whare Tūhua o Te Ao (NZG) is dedicated to the on-going development of all glass artists and to provide them with the best possible opportunities and education. The open access studio allows glass artists to indulge in their chosen glass practice all year round.

The steps for induction at New Zealand Glassworks (NZG) are for people wanting to become hirers of the facility. Currently anyone hiring facilities at NZG is required to be fully inducted to each area of intended use and a refresher induction is required every 12 months.

For full induction to take place NZG has to ensure all hirers are competent and safe whilst hiring at NZG. This is assessed by NZG based on the individual’s experience of working with glass, relevant qualifications and safe working practices within the shared facility. The assessment allows NZG to decide what extra experience, training or supervision is required before full induction for independent hiring can be issued.

STEP 1: Potential Hirers make an inquiry to the manager of NZG by completing the Induction Expression of Interest form

STEP 2: NZG’s assessment & recommendation for NZG supervised experiences or full induction access.

LEVEL 1: Has completed a NZG class or similar workshop with a basic introduction to glass making processes in stated area. Must be supervised at all times.

LEVEL 2: Has undertaken ongoing classes and or has limited own studio experience and has a basic level of understanding, skill and competence but still needs a wider and more skilled experience.

LEVEL 3: Has a high level of skill, understanding and experience of glass making processes through classes, studio experience, and or tertiary training to be able to work independently under the supervision of a NZG tutor. 

STEP 3: Final assessment of competency by NZG management.

STEP 4: Fully inducted independent NZG Hirer of all areas of the NZG facility.

NZG caters to all levels of experience and use, potential hirers with limited requirements for hiring can be assessed and inducted as follows.

  • For just one machine/piece of equipment eg. Lathe or one particular kiln.
  • For just one area of NZG e.g. Hot Shop area, Cold room, Kiln area etc.
  • For multiple areas of NZG e.g. Hot Shop area, Cold room, Kiln area etc.
  • Access to full use of the NZG facility.

Supervised experiences

  • SHORT COURSES – NZG offers a range of workshops e.g. a weekend beginners glass blowing class. These are an initial step in education and experience in glass making and practice.
  • PROFESSIONAL WORKSHOPS – these are usually longer workshops and more intensive. The educational experience is in one or two areas. Skills and level of knowledge achieved will vary per student.
  • NZG Tutor – supervised sessions where participants are supervised through their own projects and programs. Rather than teaching they are designed to oversee potential hirers ensuring an adequate understanding of, competency and skill level within an area is attained before final sign off for full induction.

INSURANCE: If you are part of the Steps to Induction Program (levels 1-3) and undertaking classes or supervised by a NZG tutor you may be covered by New Zealand Glassworks insurance. This is assessed on a case by case basis.

NOTE: For full induction to any part of New Zealand Glassworks the hirer must obtain and maintain their own relevant insurances including $2 million public liability. New Zealand Glassworks insurance does not cover artwork or personal possessions which the user/hirer may have in the designated studio areas or on the premises (this excludes all works in the gallery area).