Emily Lake

Emily Lake is a world-renowned New Zealand glass artist specialising in intricate Flame Art glass jewellery. Emily has been featured in several international glass art publications, and is an exhibitor at jewellery/art shows and in galleries. Her home studio is set up for individual tutoring in beadmaking, where she shares her international teaching experience with her pupils.

Emily draws inspiration from nature, such as the aquatic environment, as the glass mimics the suspension qualities of water. Notable designs are her jellyfish in a rockpool pendants, with starfish and seaweed detailing. New Zealand's unique flora and fauna also lends itself to recreation in sculpted glass form, such as her Kaka Beak and Kowhai Flowers and has provided many a tourist with her small souvenir Kiwis. Emily also memorialises departed loved ones by embedding ashes into attractive and individual works of heritage jewellery.

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