Scarf & Hat | Vicki Fanning

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The “inherent” qualities of glass have always been at the forefront in Vicki’s work. Her practice conducts itself with Glass’s “unseen” roles and functions, currently focusing on the intrinsic characteristics that enable our modern-day existence.

We live in an age when our human and our digital lives are connected in ways unimaginable. At the heart of these information superhighways is the most basic of taken-for-granted materials; glass. An essential component in fibreoptic high-speed broadband networks. The infrastructure utilises glass fibre to literally transport information in the form, and speed, of light, a relocation of data.

Ethereal and magical, the materiality of this body of works is a combination and process of various materials; clay, borosilicate glass, and silicon.

Scarf & Hat is a two piece work, constructed using flame worked borosilicate glass and hand assembled onto a flexible substrate.

Dimensions: approx (in the configuration pictured) L: 850 x W: 400 x H: 200mm - the scarf can be arranged in different ways.