Rekindle Bouganville Crown by Evelyn Dunstan

Evelyn Dunstan uses a symbolic language based on botanical forms, both native and introduced. Rekindle Bouganville Crown is a stunning explosion of colour drawing you in and inviting you to explore the form from various angles. 

Evelyn Dunstan works from her studio in Auckland, New Zealand. Coming from an arts background, Evelyn found her niche with lost-wax kiln casting in 2003, and has since explored the qualities of locally made Gaffer crystal. Modifying materials, techniques and methods, has allowed her to cast fine detail and control colour placement, taking advantage of the creative freedom for conceptual vision and innovation that the lost wax process encourages.

Her work is displayed in exhibitions, public and private collections around the world and she passes on her unique approach to the lost-wax process teaching in New Zealand, Australia, USA, Turkey and Murano.

Gaffer Crystal using Lost Wax Process.
Dimensions: H360mm x W290mm x D130mm
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