Platforms | Vicki Fanning

The Concept for 'Platforms' is based on the functioning levels of a virtual cloud. The stained-glass element provides the horizontal/flat component to the finished works and is symbolic to ‘online’ platforms. Designs for individual platforms are created to be a suggestion of familiarity. Individual Clouds are designed from creating caricatures from wiring symbols (refer to laminated “the design” images). These caricatures represent a “Pop Culture” vernacular and have recognizable elements that create a unique recognition response. Mirrored parts reflect surroundings and the onlooker, submitting them to be viewed as well as being the viewer, the documented, in an accumulation of data.

In creating this installation, I have used the reference of the “Cloud” in a similar way to the historic artistic use of the “Woods”. In the past the ‘Woods’ were symbolic, a metaphor for unchartered territories and theories. I see the ‘Cloud’ as a similar space, relating to internet / cyberspace. The “Cloud” being a similar unnavigated/unpredictable expanse.

The relationship in using Stained Glass in my practice is a direct reference to glass’s inherent qualities and ability to hold and deliver a message. Church-stained glass windows were/are used to display pictorial representation of biblical scripture. Today Glass is in fiberoptics and used in the increasingly evolving world of technology. Glass is the material of our time. Glass allows us to live in an era where things are changing, and new rules are being written.