Melodies from Avice | Evelyn Dunstan

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Orchid Vessel - 'Melodies from Avice' is a new work by Evelyn Dunstan. This stunning hand carved vase features stunning orchids and has been made in a smaller scale than typical of this artist, making it a rare find for a glass collector.

Evelyn Dunstan works from her home studio in Auckland New Zealand. Coming from an arts background, Evelyn found her niche with lost-wax kiln casting in 2003, and has since explored the qualities of locally made Gaffer crystal. Modifying materials, techniques and methods, has allowed her to cast fine detail and control colour placement, taking advantage of the creative freedom for conceptual vision and innovation that the lost wax process encourages.

Passion for her surrounding environment with a strong focus on ecological concerns influence a methodology throughout the work and making process with the challenge of what is physically possible working solo in the small studio.

Lost Wax Kiln Cast 45% Gaffer Lead Crystal Lime with streaks of Purple.

Cold worked

H260 x D140 mm