Dissociation by Kathryn Wightman

-This piece is no longer available -
Kathryn Wightman’s work evidences a fascination of process and materiality explored through the exploitation of illusory imagery. She utilizes glass to mimic textile surfaces, which aim to challenge the viewer’s sense of reality. Hybrid decorative patterns are deconstructed to create multiple layered compositions. Each layer is stacked to add depth, allowing the patterned forms to grow from the surface of the glass.
Wightman obtained her BA and MA from University of Sunderland (UK). In 2011 she completed Ph.D. research (University of Sunderland, UK) focusing upon the development and application of creative printmaking processes for the decoration of blown glass. She continues to develop a strong visual aesthetic and is successfully integrating digital technologies and hand-based skills into her practice.
Powdered Glass, Screenprinted and Kilnformed
Dimensions: H535 X W1080 X D20 mm