Blue Feather Vase | Bevan Taka

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This ongoing series draws on my fascination with the actual feathering technique itself. The ability to manipulate the molten glass during the blowing process with simple tools creating intricate featherlike patterns. These patterns for me are reminiscent of Tā moko designs and continue to inspire this series over time.

The pieces I choose to embellish with this technique are often utilitarian forms by nature, as functionality plays an important role in my work. In my mind’s eye I’m tattooing the objects as I’m creating them - a concept that ties in with the ethos of this body of work. I am imbuing them with mythical and or human characteristics which are inspired by my cultural heritage.

Bevan Taka was first introduced to glassblowing by the late Keith Mahy. Keith's approach to teaching & passion for glass is what drove his initial interest. He worked briefly with Keith following graduation before moving to Auckland where he worked at Sunbeam Glass for Gary Nash developing the skills & knowledge to make the leap out on his own. Bevan has been fortunate enough to travel the world, working in several Glass studios throughout NZ and Europe making a variety of work, from mass produced tableware to unique art pieces for private collections. Bevan’s works are influenced by both Italian & Scandinavian glass makers. Combining these two distinctive styles, he infuses both with that of his own Māori heritage. He currently resides in Sweden.

Handcrafted Blue Feather Vase

Dimensions: H 410 x W 230 x D 120mm