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Art Glass 22 is New Zealand Glassworks' (NZG) annual exhibition highlighting selected artists who are exploring the possibilities of glass, experimenting in the chemistry creatively and responding to the complexity of what glass is and what it can do. The artworks showcase the diversity of the artists, ranging from technically masterful vessels to contemporary explorations.

NZG is proud to showcase many of New Zealand's art glass leaders in this exhibition including George Agius, Claudia Borella, Christine Cathie, Evelyn Dunstan, Wendy Fairclough, Vicki Fanning, Sue Hawker, Isaac Katzoff, Philip Stokes, Layla Walter, Hamish Webster and Kathryn Wightman. It is impressive to see the varied ways the artists extend their creativity in blown and sculptured hot glass, kiln formed, P√Ęte de verre, cold worked and cast glass.

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Claudia Borella - Wings of Parentheses
Claudia Borella - Wings of Parentheses detail
'Wings of Parentheses' | Claudia Borella