Ra's Nile | Luke Jacomb

Since the passing of his father, John Croucher, in 2021 Luke Jacomb has continued to explore the history of glass science that led them to their first collaborative exhibition in 2019 - Alembics and Cucubitas: A New Glass Vernacular.

Mercurio is the evolution of the alembic series, with the heightened scale and vivid colours reflecting the emotional journey and personal growth through the grief of personal loss. Revisiting the alemics is a way to reconnect with his father, "seeing him in every piece provides a connection to past, present and future."

The large-scale works were made in Seattle, the current centre for glass art in North America, during a recent visit by Luke with the help of fellow glass artist and friend Dan Friday, a Seattle native and member of the Lummi Nation, giving the works an unusual provenance. Seattle holds a special place in Lukes heart. He lived in the city for several years, working as both a production and fine artist, and forged a group of lifelong artists in the process.

Dimensions: L:780 H:530 W: 200mm