Medium Candlestick by Dominic Burrell

- This item is no longer available -
Mixed media including hand blown glass and found objects make up this quirky and unique 'candlestick' art piece. Dominic Burrell's work features one of a kind multi-coloured creations that can only be described as candy for your eyes. The work displays delightful contrasts of form and colour that draw you in to their surface. 

Burrell is a well known glass artist who has pioneered his own signature style in glass work with blown glass being sandblasted, ground down and cut to create unique sculptural works.

Burrell has been a recipient of numerous awards for his sculptural pieces. He has exhibited throughout New Zealand and internationally in Australia, Asia and North America.

Gaffer Glass hot and cold worked / Mixed Media
Dimensions: H635mm x W170mm  base 95mm Weight: 4.05kg