Landscapes II | Lewis Batchelar

'These forms are an investigation into the sense of home and place. Utilising pattern and the kinetic nature of these pieces, I aim to construct my own dynamic landscape that pays homage to where I am from. I am interested in how repetition and the use of multiples allows me to modify the visible features of a space, and create different landscapes and architectures within it.' - Lewis Batchelar

Lewis Batchelar graduated with a Diploma in Glass Design and Production from the Whanganui School of Glass in 2012 before relocating to Adelaide, Australia to undertake the two-year Associate Training Program in the Glass Studio at JamFactory in 2015/16.

Lewis’ work has been recognised for its innovation and originality and has been selected as finalists in both the 2016 and 2018 FUSE Glass Prize for Australian and New Zealand glass, and Young Glass 2017 in Ebeltoft, Denmark. Lewis was a selected finalist in the Tom Malone Prize in 2019. In 2012 he received the Ann Robinson Glass Award. In June 2018 Lewis was invited to co-teach a glassblowing fundamentals class at Pilchuck Glass School in Washington State, USA. This workshop focused on form, application of colour and patterning techniques.

Lewis is currently employed as Production Manager in the JamFactory Glass Studio and working towards his first solo exhibition Refract showing in Gallery Two at JamFactory during SALA Festival in July this year.

Lewis’ current work explores the interaction of colour and form through the unique qualities of glass.

Material: Blown + coldworked glass, murrine

Dimensions: 190x160x160mm