Kaka Pendant | Kahu Design

Variant:silver pattern
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This glass work is inspired by the beautiful kākā bird. A large parrot, with brown and red feathers on it’s belly and under it’s wings. The birds are mainly diurnal but are active at night during fine weather or for a full moon.

Historically Māori associated the colour red with high rank, and those of high-status wore cloaks made with kākā feathersKahu Design is a New Zealand based studio that specialises in unique hand-made pieces intimately connected with nature and NZ heritage.

In a world of mass produced generic, price based production, Kahu Design is inspired by a philosophy of life whereby they strive to create meaningful connections. Based on symbolism and stories that offer an expression of the human need to connect to each other and our environment. 

The glass pendant approx measurements are below, adjustable cord. 

Small: 51 mm
Medium: 70 mm
Large: 80 - 105 mm