Haerenga Platter | Kahu Design

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Kiln Formed, Cold Worked Glass

Kahu Design is an Auckland based studio that specialises in unique hand-made glass pieces intimately connected with nature and NZ heritage. In a world of mass produced generic, price based production, Kahu Design is inspired by a philosophy of creating meaningful connections through quality handcrafted artwork. Their pieces use symbolism to convey ideas that are important to the New Zealand story.

The woven Māori cloak is a recurring motif in the series. The cloak is an expression of spiritual meaning often relating to ancestral whakapapa and knowledge. These glass pieces with their columns of ‘woven’ colour are an exploration and reference to universal interconnections and the underlying hidden order in nature.

Haerenga represents our journey through life and our connection to others, navigating through both the turbulent waters and smooth sailing together.

Dimensions: L:505 x W:250 x H:70 approx