George Agius

George Agius is interested in exploring the roles that culture, heritage and circumstance have in constructs of the self. She enjoys exploring the concepts of memory and identity within the context of place and time. She contemplates the way events influence life experience, and the remnant memories that define our relationships with those experiences. These memories ultimately come to define much of our human sense of identity.

George's work is a cross-pollination of material processes entrenched in the physical act of making. She combines blown and hot sculpted glass with cold processes and most recently has played with dry-point etching and photography to convey the diverse psychosocial need to establish, affirm and confirm existence. Her most recent body of work represents a personal attempt to understand and define these aspects of circumstance. 

George has exhibited in China, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Germany.
In 2013 George completed the JamFactory Associate Training Program in Adelaide and has since exhibited in the Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize, Kennedy Art Prize, KIGA Illuminating Glass award and the Wagga Wagga National Emerging Art Glass Prize. In 2015 George was awarded the Vicki Torr Memorial Prize at the Australian Glass Conference.

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