Frosted Daisy Double Bubble | Rebecca Heap

Colour:Jade/Blue XXL
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The Frosted Daisy Double Bubble is a stunning sculptural glass art series by Rebbeca Heap. No two are the same due to the nature of hot glass, the different effects of colours blending with bubbles and light. Truly tactile works where one can't resist to 'test' the hollow centre which on some angles looks like solid clear glass. A must have for the NZ glass lover.

"The Swedish overlay which is used in the majority of my double bubbles is difficult to master as it is reliant on timing, temperature and a lot of practice. Everything needs to be prepared perfectly and then assembled at exactly the right moment. This can be quite a challenge as I am juggling two blowing irons and two bubbles, and need to invert one over the other. It was developed in Orrefors in the 1916 by Edward Hald and Simon Gate when forming blanks for the famous graal technique, so named as it was considered the holy grail of glass blowing. Having spent five years living in Orrefors I naturally chose to learn the Swedish overlay and gave it a kiwi flavour on my return to New Zealand." - Rebecca Heap


Large: H:95 x W:100 mm

XL: H:100 x W:110mm

XXL: H: 90 x W:123mm