Cast Glass Vase | David Murray

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Well known for his signature cast glass pieces, David Murray has won significant national and international awards including the prestigious Ranamok Prize, Australia.

With a signature graduated colour and density, his simple yet powerful pieces examine sculptural scale suggesting contradictory elements of fragility and strength.
His large substantial Hunter, Gatherer and Territory series pieces, constructed from a single curved slab of opulent glass are a subtle reflection of the landscape. In his Territory pieces for instance, the restrained organic curvature of form rises to opposing jagged peaks emulating a craggy landscape while also providing us with a sense of action and an awareness of the maker. Murray regularly plays with the exterior planes, one side of his glass could be smoothed to a high polish while on the opposing side undulating ridges and grooves create surface tension akin to strata or a lava current giving the impression of inner movement and turmoil.
Murray explains 'My work uses simple ambiguous shapes and the qualities of the glass to create a sense of these fundamental stimuli. They are neither tool nor weapon but describe a feeling of intent make simple minimal forms without embellishment. These are large solid pieces and I am trying to achieve a silent presence in the work.'

Dimensions: H: 250 x W: 120mm

Cast Glass Vases - priced individually, one piece.