Birds | Christine Cathie

Colour:Black & White
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“The integral nature of rhythm and motion is captured in Christine Cathie’s elegantly simple glass sculptures. Employing tapering edges and curvaceous silhouettes, Cathie essentially draws lines within space, exploiting the translucent nature of glass to establish a dialogue between light and shade, density and mass. Cathie combines rich colours with a smooth surface, building graceful ribbons and slender curves, and letting the light glide in." - Richard Perram

These gorgeous cast glass bird sculptures by award winning artist Chrisitne Cathie are all unique in their colour combinations. They have distinct movement that draws the eye and look stunning both on their own or in 'flocks'.

Medium: Cast Gaffer Glass

Dimensions (approx)
Small - H: 85 x W: 140 x D: 45mm
Medium - H: 105 x W:195 x D:55 mm
Large - H: 115 x W 200 x 60mm

Please be in touch for images of our current selection, as each one is unique.