Vicki Fanning | CIRCA

This Body of work is a current exploration into new ways of working. A new delivery in the techniques, used to develop a visual language within my practice.

Stained Glass and Blown components, have given me an opportunity to further ideas and reiterate concepts that have always been present in my creative practice. I have always worked with the idea that it is essentially the “Glass Age”, as it is the material that enables us to function and live the way we currently do. Learning to create using Stained Glass, I have been able to develop this personal rhetoric, that glass is the material that can hold and deliver a message to the masses. I use conceptual parallels from Stained glass in church windows, to now, in the tangible mechanics that enable connections within cyberspace. The Blown components have been developed to enhance the stained-glass pieces, to elevate them physically and conceptually.

Throughout the residency I learnt to be confident in the Stained-Glass technique of Copper Foiling. The residency has taught me the skills to manage a team on the hot shop floor. My confidence to use new tools on the Hot Shop floor has grown immensely and has given me an insight into future possibilities.

A big thank you to Sauvarins in Auckland, Karryn and Ray have been beyond helpful, and have “had my back” to the numerous successful problem-solving outcomes, as well as supplying the sheet glass!

I’d like to thank for NZGlassworks team for all the support and in particular Philip Stokes, the Head Gaffer / problem solver and fellow contemporary in the world of glass. Scott Redding for seeing this Residency to light and completion, and who has been incredibly supportive along the way! - Vicki Fanning

Circa - Residency works by Vicki Fanning