Small O-Void Gold Ruby | Christine Cathie

Small O-Void Gold Ruby | Christine Cathie

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This Small ovoid in gold ruby explores form, negative space and colour. The cast glass simply lights up in natural light and the soft curves create a landscape that changes when viewed from new angles. 

"Working in cast glass with abstract sculptural forms I draw lines through space - exploring the translucent nature of glass by using twists, turns and sweeps of curve and shifts of density to lend a smooth and tactile nature to the contours of the forms. I aim to achieve a sense of lightness, rhythm and frozen action by creating a feeling of tension ​within the work. I am interested in the paradoxes of these forms – how the glass can look fragile yet is strong, is balanced yet looks precarious, and weightless - yet with form and substance." - Christine Cathie

Medium: Cast Gaffer Glass

Dimensions: H: 150 x W: 210 x D:30 mm