Pillow Talk 1 | George Agius

Pillow Talk delves into the provocative conversations that unfold within the intimate confines of the bedroom. The hot sculpted pillows embody the essence of intimate exchanges shared between people, exploring the depths of sexually charged communication in their most private space. With their soft and inviting forms, they evoke feelings of comfort, trust, and vulnerability, inviting viewers to contemplate the intense connections and passionate dialogue that transpires behind closed doors.

Delicate yet resilient, glass serves as a metaphor for the intricate dynamics found within human relationships, including the intimate and sensual aspects of connection. Through the interplay of form, opacity, texture, and reflection, each sculpture captures the nuanced nature of these private exchanges. They reflect the heat, intensity and desire that emerge through intimate dialogues, inviting viewers to explore the powerful role of sexual communication in fostering intimacy and pleasure.

Small engraved text is deliberately incorporated to distort and reflect on the opaque surface forcing the viewer to come in close. Pillow Talk aim’s to evoke a sense of reverence for the beauty, vulnerability, and significance of sexually based communication within the sanctity of the bedroom, highlighting the transformative power of open-mindedness, trust, and deep exploration in the realm of sexual intimacy.

Dimensions: approx 450 x 200mm