Love Bugs | Philip Stokes

In my latest work, "Love Bugs," I continue to explore the themes that have been integral to my Ghost Toy series while delving into the profound significance of love and its protective power. This art glass piece serves as both an homage to cherished childhood memories and a testament to the love and affection I hold for those closest to my heart. Drawing inspiration from the world of innocent play and imaginative adventures of childhood, Love Bugs encapsulates the essence of that pure and unadulterated joy. It stands as a guardian, preserving the innocent emotions and memories of a time when the world seemed full of endless possibilities. Central to the artwork is an object of immense sentimental value: my wedding day cake topper, thoughtfully crafted by the talented artist and dear friend, Rebekah Pearson. This precious gift carries profound meaning, symbolizing my unwavering commitment, unyielding devotion, and boundless love for my husband. The art glass container lovingly houses all the emotions, happiness, and heartfelt promises locked within those cherished memories. The technique employed in creating Love Bugs is hand-blown glass, a captivating process that captures the essence of fragility and strength simultaneously. The delicate craftsmanship of diamond cutting accentuates the brilliance of the glass, enhancing its allure and inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in its beauty. As an artist, I find myself continually drawn to exploring the complexities of human emotions and connections. Love Bugs stands as a visual representation of the power of love, both in preserving the innocent spirit of youth and in safeguarding the profound emotions we share with those we hold dear. Through this artwork, I invite the audience to reminisce about their own treasured memories, to reflect on the power of love in their lives, and to celebrate the profound connections that shape who we are. Love Bugs is not only a testament to love's enduring nature but also a tribute to the meaningful relationships that enrich our lives beyond measure.

Love Bugs 2023

Title: Love Bugs

Medium: Blown glass, diamond cut with gifted femo sculpture of Dug and Ruby created by artist Rebecca Pearson.

Dimensions: 600mm H x 300mm W