Cast Glass Fruit | Wendy Fairclough

Type:Apple - green/ruby
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 New Zealand born artist, Wendy Fairclough, works and lives in the Adelaide hills region, South Australia. She works predominately in cast lead crystal, blown glass, sculptural installation and has recently introduced other materials to her art practice. 

Although it’s easy enough to categorise these works as still lifes, we soon realise that they are anything but still. They are often imbued with memory, yearning and a desire to document objects from the world around her that are familiar. What Fairclough is interested in is the ‘common ground’ that connects us all. Divisive opinions around religion and politics are often at the forefront of our media saturated world and this has been something that has bothered and at times angered Fairclough in the political climate of Australia. Her response to this is to produce works that explore what we all have in common – the basic needs of food, warmth, shelter and connection. - Greg Donson from 'Common Ground' 2018 exhibition text

Medium: Gaffer Cast Glass

Lemon Dimensions: L90 x W55 mm   Weight: 45g

Apple Dimensions: H55 x W70 mm  Weight: 55g

Pear Dimensions: H100 x W70 mm Weight: 67g

Figs: H50 x W50 mm (each) Weight: 55g (set of 3)