Ann's Dahlia by Layla Walter
Ann's Dahlia by Layla Walter

Ann's Dahlia by Layla Walter

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The flower from this work is drawn from Ann Robinson’s Karekare garden. Where I worked in Ann’s studio for 15 years. We often spent time in the garden. My work relates to the importance of people and place. I draw and carve plants and birds from the gardens of people or environments which matter to me. The glass casting studio at Karekare was a very special place to work from the 90’s into the late 00’s. 

This work was cast in 2013 for a joint show: Stanley Palmer and Layla Walter at Melanie Roger Gallery in Herne Bay, Auckland. For the show five dahlias were cast in different colours and displayed in a line down the centre of the gallery, surrounded by Stanley's paintings on the walls. His images were Great Mercury Island, coastal views and farmland. The dahlia vases were intended like a row of flowers you may find growing outside in a farmhouse garden. The colours were: yellow (gaffer light yellow), orange (gaffer yellow), pink (gaffer fuchsia), red (gaffer dark orange red) and plum (gaffer gold amethyst). 

  "There is a visual balance between finely crafted detail and unadorned surface. Blossoms, stems and buds branch across simple forms, dignified and exposed. It is my intention that each work is peacefully engaging". Layla Walter 

Cast glass #4 2013

Orange (Gaffer Glass yellow)

H38 D20.7cm 

R.R.P $8,675