Beginners Glass Blowing - 2021

Beginners Glass Blowing - 2021

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Are you fascinated by the 2000 year old art of glass blowing? This one day workshop is intended for beginners who have little or no experience with molten glass. Emphasis will be placed on the skills necessary to complete simple paperweights and blown vessels. You will be encouraged to work in teams as well as receiving one-on-one instruction. Each participant can expect to make; a tear drop, two paperweights and a blown vessel.

Workshops are held on a Saturday from 9am to 4pm with only four places in each workshop; making it very hands on and of course, fun!

 If you are able to organise 4 people to attend a workshop we can schedule this workshop on request.

Level / Technique
Beginner Glass blowing
One day workshop on a Saturday - 9am to 4pm.
Number of participants per workshop
4 people.
What you should wear
Covered flat shoes -worker boots or sneakers (no sandals or jandals).
Natural fiber clothing - t-shirt/shirt, pants/shorts (no synthetics).

All long hair needs to be tied back and jewellery including watches need to be removed.
Each participant can expect to make; a tear drop, two paperweights and a blown vessel. 
All materials are included.
No persons under the age of fifteen are able participate in the workshop. 
Note: This is a non-refundable payment and the workshop date selected cannot be changed.

NOTE: With all hot glass, the pieces you make need to anneal (cooled down) in a annealing kiln overnight, you will need to return the following day to collect your work. Items can be mailed at an extra charge.