October 8th 2022 -  Make a Paperweight Workshop

October 8th 2022 - Make a Paperweight Workshop

Regular price $115.00

Level / Technique
Beginner Glass blowing.
30-minute (per person) workshop on a Saturday - 10am to 4pm.
Number of participants per workshop
One-one-one sessions. If you would like to attend with another person or group, you must book into different sessions.
What you should wear
Covered flat shoes -worker boots or sneakers (no sandals or jandals).
Natural fiber clothing - t-shirt/shirt, pants/shorts (no synthetics).
Each participant can expect to make; one coloured paperweight
All materials and safety gear/equipment are included.

No persons under the age of fifteen are able participate in the workshop.

My Vaccine Pass is NO longer required to enter New Zealand Glassworks and attend your scheduled workshop. On arrival, A hand sanitising station is located at the NZ Glassworks entry point and on entry to the hot shop area. You are not required to wear a mask whilst participating in the workshop, but will be required to wear a mask in all public areas of the facility. Please note all tutors for the workshop are fully vaccinated. Our hot shop area is a private area and will only have the tutors and participants in this area. It is your personal choice if you wish to wear a mask or not.


Note: This is a non-refundable payment and the workshop date selected cannot be changed.

NOTE: With all hot glass, the pieces you make need to anneal (cooled down) in a annealing kiln overnight, you will need to return the following day to collect your work. Items can be mailed at an extra charge.