Bue Turankina Dunes
Blue Turakina Dunes Bowl by Wendy Fairclough

Blue Turakina Dunes Bowl by Wendy Fairclough

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“Fairclough’s work is characterised by a distinctive visual language, instantly recognisable as the artist’s own, that at the same time allows her to articulate a diversity of ideas and concerns. Her understated aesthetic combines approaches derived from her background in painting, printmaking, sculpture and installation with a deep and abiding love of the materiality of glass. The basic building blocks of Fairclough’s work are common, domestic objects, transposed into glass by way of casting, blowing and cold-working. These objects form the basis of carefully arranged tableaux that blend a painter’s understanding of light, colour and composition with an acute sensitivity to the poetic possibilities of objects in space.” (Roy Ananda)
Black and Blue Bowl
Blown Glass, Sand carved
Dimensions: 150 mm dia Hx285 mm