Black Robin by Layla Walter

Black Robin by Layla Walter

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Black Robin is in homage to Old Blue, the sole female black robin who brought her species back from the brink of extinction. A shout out to all those in conservation and every individual who makes positive environmental choices. Judge's comment for The Trusts Art & Sculpture Awards 2014 for Black Robin 

"A piece with a fine balance between a dominating relief decoration and the bold form that it is on the side of. The dark glass adds depth of colour, while the modeling shines with silver light. It is of an understated size that delivers great satisfaction". Terry Stringer, NZ artist and figurative sculptor.

Justine Olsen - Curator of Decorative Art and Design, Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa wrote the introduction to Walter's 2015 solo exhibition 'Conversations'. "Layla has been working in glass casting for over twenty years. This exhibition reveals the outcome of a skilled and informed practice"… "The apparent simplicity Layla conveys through each vessel belies the complexity and unforgiving nature of the ten stage process of lost wax casting where negative renderings emerge into the final positive form"… "Growing up in a creative world within the Coromandel, Layla learnt easily through her hands. Learning from local artists and craftspeople, and then immersing herself in the Diploma of Applied Arts followed by Bachelor in Design, Unitec (under Elizabeth McClure) brought her into contact with the ancient lost wax process. International glass artist Ann Robinson guided her too". 

Originally shown at Artis Gallery, then as stock in Masterworks Gallery, Auckland. Then shown in Kazakhstan at Uly Dala Elі - Forum of Artisans where Walter was an honoured guest speaker. October 11-12, 2019. Aside from showing her own work, she travelled with and displayed the work of twelve leading New Zealand craft artists, across mediums of glass, ceramic, fibre, weaving and jewellery.

Black Robin #23 2017
Cast glass - pale grey
 H12 D12.5cm
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