Wilhelm Vernim – Glass Engraving Demonstration

15 October 2016


New Zealand Glassworks is proud to have Wilhelm Vernim showcasing his amazing talents with the first demonstration for the facility. Wilhelm trained as a glass engraver at Zwiesel Glass Skills College in Germany, and continued his training as a Master in Glass Engraving at Zwiesel. He has also studied painting with Tom Buchner, engraving with Jiri Harcuba, and kiln casting with Max Jacquard.

Wilhelm Vernim – Glass Engraving Demonstration

Since 2013, Wilhem has been working as a freelance artist and has taught engraving and cold-working classes at the Glass Skills School in Rheinbach, Hadamar, Bild-Werk-Frauneau in Germany, The Glass Furnace in Turkey and IKA-Mechelen in Belgium.

For several years he has been particularly interested in Graaltechniques and has collaborated with fellow artists Scott Chaseling, Tim Shaw and Mark Locock.

For much of his work, Wilhem uses copper wheel, stone wheel and diamond wheel techniques, as well as sandblasting and etching.